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Founded 1998 in Hannover by basketball enthusiasts, BASKAMERUN is a non governemental association and an events planning organization. The brand “Baskamerun” results from the German word play „Basketball aus Kamerun“, translated „Basketball from Cameroon”.

From 1998 to 2010, BASKAMERUN was precursor of Cameroonian’s Basketball as show and entertainment in Europe, bringing annually hundreds of amateur and professional players and thousands of fans on tournaments. Subsequently, BASKAMERUN became Germany’s biggest basketball event planner in the African community.

2016 launched BASKAMERUN with great success the 1st edition of a new concept: “Germany’s DOUALA vs YAOUNDE, The Basketball Battle” in Francfort.

2017 BASKAMERUN adds a branch of social and charitable activities in its portfolio with a focus on solidarity and supports to African childhood through basketball events. To that purposed the non-profit association BASKAMERUN – BOUNCE FOR AFRICA e.V. is created.

BASKAMERUN – The game s the same wherever you play !

Our basketball events bring you to the next level.

More than basketball #PasQueDuBasket

Social development, Basketball duels, Showtime, Training Camp for kids, Celebrity Game, Baskamerun Cares, Entrepreneurs Promenade, Afterparty… You will be amazed!

BASKAMERUN – We did it before, we’ll do it again!

By taking advantage of the attractiveness of basketball, they aim to bring together their target audience to accomplish their mission: to inspire, encourage and mentor African youth, as well as to actively support them in achieving their dreams.

Basketball Games & Contests – Basketball Training Camp for Kids  –  Culture – Mode – Live Shows – Entertainment – Music – Gastronomy & Drinks – Children & Family – Baskamerun Cares – Entrepreneurs Promenade Celebrity Game – Exhibitions – Afterparty

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