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Germany’s DLA Vs. YDE 2020

BASKAMERUN is proud and excited to announce the 5th annual Germany’s DOUALA vs YAOUNDE 2020, the High Five edition” holding on May 23rd, 2020 in Francfort.

This event aims to bring together daughters and sons of Cameroon, basketball fans and families.

The cheerful rivalry between Douala versus Yaoundé has always been a matter of proudness and recognition value for the children of both biggest towns in Cameroon. More than that, it’s not only about basketball, or about Douala or Yaoundé, it’s all about a national union. Even if not hailing from one of both cities, everyone in Cameroon has a big emotional or historical affinity for Douala or for Yaoundé.

The Germany’s DOUALA vs. YAOUNDE 2020 by BASKAMERUN brings you all together to defend your city identity on the sports court and to enjoy the game with the framework program we are planning.

This fifth release expects multiple of players looking for basketball fun. It will draw hundreds of visitors and fans to the show. In addition, over twenty interactive exhibitors, show masters and basketball-themed activities will entertain the hundred of athletes, guests and families participating.

We have exciting things already in the works that we can’t wait to share with you, many of which will be completely unique to previous basketball tournaments you have attended before.

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As single player, you can register to play for your TeamDLA or TeamYDE. As soon as your registration is completed, you will be set in touch with your team mates and team coordinator.



Welcome in 2020! Let’s go for the High Five edition!