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The Basketball Battle

We are excited to announce the first edition of “The Basketball Battle by Baskamerun”, August 28th and 29th 2021 in Yaoundé.

In view of the exploits of NBA superstars and champions Pascal Siakam and Joel Embiid, it is sometimes hard to believe that these exceptional players were discovered on Cameroonian basketball courts. Today, these Cameroonian players are now performing at the world top in their discipline. In the eyes of society, they emerge as heroes and idols who shape our representation of a certain ideal of a taste for effort, self-control and team spirit.

Indeed, as Baskamerun’s slogan says, “The game is the same wherever you play!” no matter the environment, all that is needed for fulfillment is dedication and hard work.

By taking advantage of the attractiveness of basketball, we aim to bring together our target audience, the African youth, and accomplish our mission: to inspire, encourage and mentor young people, as well as to actively support them in achieving their dreams.



Ø Elite Tournament with 9 teams

Ø Youth Training Camp for 50 participants

Ø Youth Motivation Conference

Ø Charity Action